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Garmin Zumo Security Screw Upgrade
Replace the Security Screw of Your Garmin Zumo
With This Finely Crafted Stainless Steel Screw.

      When I go into a motel or restaurant I like to either take my Zumo with me or tuck it away in my saddlebagó you probably do as well. I was frustrated with finding and fumbling with the slotted screwdriver that comes with the unit, not to mention trying to fabricate your own when you lose the original! And I could never get the original screw to stay tight.

      Last year a buddy of mine bought me one of these precision-machined stainless steel screws specifically made for the Zumo and it is a dream come true. Now, with a couple of twists of this special screw, your mount unlocks and off it comes. It will not loosen on its own and the machining keeps it from falling out of the mount when loose.

The Garmin Zumo Security Screw Upgrade is now in stock at Rick Mayer Cycle and ready for immediate shipping.

  • $12.95 includes shipping to the contiguous 48 states
  • Alaska and Canada $13.95
  • International orders $14.95
  • Extra terrestrial orders $10.95 plus $200,000.00 shipping (available late 2010 on Virgin Spaceways)
  • Send check or money orders only - sorry no credit cards unless bought on the same order with a custom saddle.
  • Shipped USPS (post office) standard ground only

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