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My Guarantee to You
And the not-so-fine print

     My number one goal is for you to be extremely pleased with your purchase. I feel I have an obligation to you, my customer, to listen to your needs and through my experience build a custom saddle that will not only be finely crafted, using the finest materials, but also be extremely comfortable.

     This requires a commitment on my part as well as yours. As your saddle maker I must understand and interpret how widely different shaped people fit on a vast assortment of bikes. As the customer, your commitment is to allow me to do the job. Sometimes it is necessary to go back into a saddle and fine-tune it a bit. I may be good, but I'm not perfect. Still, by actual count, less than 2% of the saddles shipped require adjustment.

     After you receive your new saddle, bear in mind that a break in period will occur and the feel of the seat will change significantly during the first few hundred miles. During the first 30 days of ownership, and after a few hundred miles, if you feel an adjustment is in order, just give the office a call and Rick will discuss your needs with you. If it is mutually agreed, an adjustment will be performed at no charge. Shipping is not included either way and a check to cover return shipping is expected. This does reflect a change in policy and is directly related to the increases we have experienced in shipping costs. Again, no charge is incurred to adjust the seat.

     If a second adjustment is deemed necessary, and is mutually agreed upon, our basic labor charge is $75/hr. Additional materials may also be charged.

     If the seat cannot be used for the following reasons: rider becomes seriously ill; motorcycle is destroyed or sold; or color or type of seat is not what was ordered, refunds can only be considered if the seat is returned unused within 30 days in original packaging.

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     In addition to comfort, I also warrant the materials in my saddles indefinitely. If there is ever a stitch or cover failure, should a crack develop or a thread break, the saddle is repaired or recovered at no charge.

     It should be noted that each saddle is a one of a kind, hand crafted item and except in very rare instances cannot be used to fill another order. As such, refunds are not given in cases of Buyer's remorse, or if the customer is not willing to return the saddle for an adjustment.

     I extend this guarantee to any saddles made by my father, Bill Mayer, before his death in May of 2000.

     And if you have purchased a bike with one of my saddles on it, and it doesn't fit you quite right, as long as I don't have to alter the cover I will rebuild it to suit you for $75.00 plus frt. If a new cover is needed, it will cost you $135.00 in vinyl and $250.00 in leather.

     No one offers a more extensive, complete guarantee than I.

     Sometimes I will refuse to build a saddle for someone. Most of the time this is due to the type of bike they are on. I can't build a comfortable saddle for a great big guy on a little-bitty seat. Sometimes I will get requests from customers that, in my opinion just won't work.
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