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MAIL ERRORS: If you get a message concerning using Outlook as your E-Mail application (Such as "Outlook not found..."), and you do not use or possibly do not even have Outlook, then you need to reset your operating system's default E-Mail application. In the Microsoft operating systems follow these instructions:
- To change the default E-Mail application for the operating system (the program that will work for all E-Mail requests) open the "CONTROL PANEL" and choose "INTERNET OPTIONS" then click on the "PROGRAMS" tab. In the "E-Mail" drop-down box select the E-Mail application you wish to use as the default.
BROWSERS: Some browsers allow you to change the E-mail application just for the browser:
    THUNDERBIRD: Click on "TOOLS" then choose "OPTIONS" and click on the "APPLICATIONS" tab. Click on "mailto" and in the options box choose your E-mail application. Then click on the "OK" button at the bottom of that window.
    INTERNET EXPLORER: Click on "TOOLS" choose "INTERNET OPTIONS" then click on the "PROGRAMS" tab. In the "E-Mail" drop-down box select your E-Mail application. (NOTE: This changes the system's default E-Mail application as well.)
    OPERA: Choose "TOOLS" and then "PREFERENCES" and click on the "ADVANCED" tab. Click on the "mailto" choice in the right-hand pane, then "Edit" to the right of that. In the window that appears, choose your E-Mail application.

NOTE: If your e-mail account has an 'Approved e-mail sender spam blocker' to prevent unsolicited e-mail, please add our e-mail address to your list BEFORE you send an e-mail to me. Our staff does not have the time to fill out the dozens of these requests we receive each day.
    Thank you, -Rick Mayer

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