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Photon II Micro Lights

      Incredibly bright, incredibly small led lights powered by two lithium batteries (included and replaceable). Just squeeze the Photon II light and the internal switch supplies you with momentary-on light- perfect for finding the lock or that dropped key in the dark of night. Or with a flick of the switch a locked-on light for night-walks to the campground's facilities or out to the nearest tree or bush. It's so small and discrete you can clip it on your jacket's zipper slider. That way you can peek inside your tank bag for that last piece of gum or use it to read a map. If you have been dissatisfied with cheaper imitations, these quality lights will please you.

      It's the perfect light for your key fob. Its nylon housing won't scratch your triple tree and the Rick Mayer Cycle logo will show everyone your fine taste in motorcycle saddles!

      Compare at fine camping stores for as much as $24.00

      Buy yours from me for only $15.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling (FREE shipping and handling if ordered with a saddle)!

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