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Saddle Raincovers
Announcing a brand new, lighter, stronger and completely waterproof material for our rain covers (1/2008).
  • Mylar coated ripstop nylon
  • 98% UV reflective so it will also protect your new saddle from the damaging rays of the sun,
  • Folds to shirt-pocket size
  • Helps keep the saddle cool so you won't have a hot butt when you go to ride your bike!
  • Lifetime guaranteed.
  • Available in BLACK only.
  • All rain covers are $44.99 - Add $6.95 Shipping (shipping free when ordered with a saddle)
NOTE: Raincovers are used to protect the seat from the environement (sun, rain, etc.) when the rider is not on it. While the seat is being ridden the rider's body protects the seat from the elements. Raincovers are not to be used while riding as they may transfer some color.
bike with raincover

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