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      Some folks think that the only way to 'get it right' is to ride up and "instruct us." This is not usually the case. If you are a relatively normal sized person, on a fairly common touring or sport touring bike, your odds of getting a better fit with a ride in are virtually nil. However, if you are on a less popular bike, or if you are odd sized, riding in can be helpful.

      More than 80% of our saddles are constructed through the mail using only our detailed order form and photos. However, if you would like to ride in and get your saddle that same day, we offer "while you wait" service on Saturdays, and Thursdays. We are even open Memorial Day Weekends and Labor Day Weekends. We only close for the Fourth of July weekend if the 4th falls on a Saturday. These weekends fill up fast so book early!

      Contact us for details. Write to Sales if you have any questions. Directions to our shop can be found HERE. Before calling to schedule an appointment, please read our FAQs page as it will probably answer most of your questions.

If you are ready to schedule a Ride-In appointment, simply download this

Fill in the fields on your computer then print, sign, and fax to: 530-529-0626.
We will contact you to schedule within one business day
      If you are riding in and planning on spending some time in the area, here are some links to get you started on places to stay, eat, and enjoy:
NOTE: Coordinates given below should be double checked by you before heading out!
Looking for a ride?
Download our Great Places To Ride in Northern California PDF.

Where to Stay

Where to Eat…

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What to Do (when you're not getting a seat):

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