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As you examine the seat styles shown here, please note that these are not "in stock" seats. We do not have any sort of "off-the-shelf" model of seats that we send out. Each seat we make is a handmade, custom seat, created to fit you on your bike, and so each is unique in some way. Therefore, the saddles shown are what we have created for the owners of the bikes, and are used here merely as examples. They are not exact representations of what you seat will look like.
Seat Styles

solo vinylsolo leather
      This model is perfect for the rider who rides solo most of the time, especially the tall rider. It allows placement of the operator's portion of the seat rearward when necessary for a balanced seat. The front portion of the seat is customized specifically to fit you. The rear portion is recovered to match and slightly improved over stock but remains basically unchanged. A new cover is made for both front and rear seats.
      Please note that the photos above both show two-piece seats. This is merely used for comparison and to show differences in appearance between leather and vinyl. As we build using your stock seat pan, if you have a one-piece seat now you will have a one-piece seat at the end. Therefore, customers with a one-piece seat will never have a finished product that looks exactly like the photo on the upper left. For an excellent example of a one-piece solo seat, please click here.

dual vinyldual leather
      This style is for the ultimate in passenger comfort. Both the front and rear portions are custom formed by me to fit you and your passenger personally. A new cover is created to fit the entire saddle. Get this style if the majority of your riding is two-up.

/2 bike/2 saddle
Stock Restorations
      Having restored several old bikes I appreciate the attention to detail a stock restoration entails. The pan is sandblasted and powdercoated, all mounting brackets are restored and all components including rubber mounting bushings are installed. Original pictures are helpful but I have most of them in my library of older bikes.

Bill Mayer Senior's bike
Something a Little Different
      Of course, not all owners of older or classic bikes opt for an older or classic look. For my Dad's bike, I made a custom saddle. It not only makes an older bike look great but it is more comfortable to ride as well!

Rick's R90S solologo stitched in saddle
Something very different
      Would you like to help create a truly one of a kind saddle? Here's a solo seat I made for my R90S with my logo stitched into the cover. Give me a call and let's be creative- logos, initials, symbols, almost anything is possible!

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