Skidmore's Leather Treatment

      Biker leather takes a hard beating from the elements…sun, wind, dirt, and rain pound it every mile you are out on the road. You spend good money on your seat, so protect the leather that keeps you comfortable. Skidmore’s Leather Cream will clean your leather and keep it supple in one step. Regular use will build a degree of waterproofing on the leather. Great for use on your motorcycle seat as well as boots, chaps, jackets, and saddlebags.
      Good leather can get wet – just maintain it and it will last forever! Their magic ingredient, along with other natural oils and ingredients, is beeswax. Beeswax works because it doesn’t break down when exposed to the elements. It gives your leather a natural glowing finish that’s easy to maintain.

      Available From Rick Mayer Cycle in 6 oz. containers for $15. Shipping & Handling is free when ordering with your seat or $6.95 when ordering separately. To order, just DOWNLOAD and fill out the same PDF order form you would use for buying a seat. All you need to fill in is a name, shipping address, and payment info. Just check the Skidmore's box and we'll ship one out to you!"

The Skidmores
:      Skidmore’s is a small, family business that has operated out of Laramie, Wyoming since 1987. Vincent Skidmore makes natural treatments for restoration, conditioning, and protecting leather. He prides himself on being environmentally friendly. They recycle everything coming in or going out. Vincent produces leather treatment products in small batches, by hand, in his shops at home. Skidmore’s products are made using the finest ingredients nature can provide, derived from trees, plants, and insects

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