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All letters are on file and are from actual customers who were not
solicited to write and did not receive any discounts or other considerations for their comments.

Denise M. - - October 2, 2014
    Hi Rick,
    I just wanted to let you know I got one of your saddles in July when I rode out to Red Bluff. I just finished a trip to the Southwest of 3,433 miles. I figured 6 to 8 hours a day of riding for 2 weeks, even with a custom seat I might still be a bit sore. Not at all, your seat is so awesome, I never got a sore butt, back or neck like I did with my stock seat. This is my second motorcycle with a seat made by you and they are simply the best.
    Thank you!!

Steve M. - Visalia, CA - Sunday, November 3, 2013
    I did a ride in appointment to have a custom leather saddle made for my BMW. Rick made this an exceptional experience. I planned to get a motel on my way home but the saddle was so comfortable I rode eight hours home that night. Highway 36 was a blast!
    Thanks for all you did, Rick.

Patrick C. - - Monday, August 19, 2013
   Rick, here's some photos of your seat. We love it. I'm sorry it took so long to get them to you but its been a hairy summer. Hope to see you again soon.

Mike B. - - Monday, July 29, 2013
    Seat you just did for my Triumph Trophy is exactly what I needed and workmanship is, as usual, absolutely first class. I havent done really long ride yet but the 100 miles I did this weekend just had me sighing ahhhhhh. Many thanks for Rick seat #5.

Greg V. - - Friday, July 12, 2013
    I am sure you have heard this a thousand times, I love this seat. It feels like I am sitting on a pillow instead of a brick.
    The workmanship is top notch!
    Thank You

Kevin G. - - Friday, June 28, 2013
    I thought I would join your list of satisfied customers. Normally I am squirming around with a sore/numb butt after three or four hours and really needing to stop for the day after five or so hours. After you finished redoing the seat on my Honda CB1000R last Thursday, I rode for 7.5 hours, including a four hour leg with only two on-the-bike gas stops. Most of the ride was in the twisties on Highway 36 with about 2.5 hours of droning down I5. I stopped after the first five hours intending to find a place to stay for the night, but decided that I was only 2.5 hours from home and that I would rather spend the night in my own bed so I pushed on. By the time I got home, I had a sore wrist and a stiff knee, but my behind was fine.
    I had Corbin seats on two previous bikes, but I have never experienced the level of improvement that I have with your seat. I am looking forward to many more miles of riding comfort now I have my RMC seat.
    And thanks also for the hospitality during the visit to your shop.

Fred H. - - Tuesday, May 21, 2013
    Thank you for shipping my seat as promised to be received on May 14. The seat is a masterpiece as you said it would be and I have already received many compliments on it. I immediately put the seat to the test by taking it and the 1300 on a 600 mile journey to the Eastern Shore on the 16th. The seat was very comfortable as you promised as I didn't refuel for over 200 miles and didn't make any stops during this time.
    Thank you again for a job well done and I will recommend you to my riding friends who wish to purchase a state of the art seat.

Kenneth B. - - Friday, May 10, 2013
    Hi Rick,
    When I sent my seats to you I was afraid that I was expecting too much but when I got them back they were better than I expected.
   They give the bike that unique custom look and they feel great right from the start.
   It was worth the wait.

Steve I. - - Friday, May 10, 2013
    Thanks for the great job on the seat rebuild for my F650GS Dakar. A few short trips around town so far tell me that I am going to be real happy with it on longer trips. It looks and feels great! I like the way the texture of the seat is similar to the texture on the black BMW side panels.

Steve H. - Boise, ID - Monday, May 6, 2013
    I chose to have you do a "treatment" for my '06 F650GS saddle over the winter - make it more comfortable on long rides. When the saddle came back, it looked beautiful, but I was a but skeptical - the basic shape hadn't changed much. Last Friday I was able to take it out for a few hours - MUCH better than before! I still have to give it the multi-day trial, but I'm confident. My formerly achey tailbone thanks you in particular.

John E. - - Monday, May 6, 2013
    After riding for 3 hours on the stock saddle of my K1600GT there would be burning sensation on my rear end. Stopping and getting off the bike would alleviate the pain for 10-15 minutes but then it was back. 400 mile days were doable but I had to put up with the pain and would need quite a few breaks. Considering I live in flat North Texas and I love carving up twisty corners I often need to travel quite a ways to get to some fun roads.
    In the middle of December I called and left a message with Rick because I had some questions about his saddles. He returned my call an hour later, answered all my questions, and gave me some good advice based on his vast experience in the custom saddle business. Two days later and I had mailed in my order with the required pictures. 4 days after that I had an email notifying me of the scheduled start date for my order. Two months after the confirmation email I remove my saddle, stripped off the hardware and shipped it to Rick. 11 business days (Tuesday - Friday) after my scheduled start date I got an email informing me my saddle had shipped. In 4 days I received the beautiful custom saddle and installed it back on the K1600 GT. Finally on April 20th I had my first long ride - a 440 mile day from North Texas up to the Arkansas Ozarks followed by a 380 mile trip back home on the next day.
    Apart from the slightest little twinge of discomfort after the first 200 miles - which I attribute to still breaking in the saddle because I had only ridden on it a couple hundred miles since installing it - the saddle never entered my mind. Not only did it provide perfect comfort from gas stop to gas stop (and with a 7 gallon tank we were getting 220+ miles out of the K1600 GT between stops) but it also felt great at the end of each day. Also, when I filled out the order for for the saddle I asked for a bit of a compromise in the seat because I like to shift my body and hang off the inside of turns while negotiating the twisties. I don't know how Rick managed it but not only is the seat comfortable for 400+ mile days but I can also easily shift my butt off it to the inside and back on it when done with the turn. I don't even have to think about doing anything differently to position my body off the side - it happens just like it did before.
    It's quite the testament to Rick's skills as a saddle builder that even at the end of each day the saddle never crossed my mind - no pain, no wishing I could get off the bike, no hoping for a red light so I can stand up and alleviate the pressure on my rear, just enjoying the ride right up until the very last stop. And unlike some of the other custom saddle manufacturers the seat looks beautiful! (OK, there is a small gap between the leather seat cover and the plastic housing of the passenger seat heater switch but since I removed the switch before I sent him the seat I'm sure that he couldn't know exactly where the switch housing would be while he was reshaping the seat foam - if I wanted to bother to send him the seat I have no doubt he would fix it but right now there's too much pain-free riding to enjoy!)
    Thanks again Rick.

Leor Z. - - Monday, April 22, 2013
   Finally got to put some quality time on the seats and I couldn't be more pleased. It's an incredibly comfortable ride and a nice sense of "positive placement" with the contours of the seat.
    But the best part is something I didn't even expect. I regularly take the bike on a 40-minute ride each way to and from my tennis club, to play tennis. What I was experiencing with the old seat is that after playing (and I'm 54, so not really a spring chicken anymore when it comes to the kind of movement I have to do for an hour on the court at a 4.0 level...) and then riding home, I'd get to my house and it would hurt to get off the bike; the thigh muscles just hollered bloody murder. I figured that at my age this was just going to be par for the course. But with the new seat, there's no sign of that soreness whatsoever. I just get off the bike and that's it.
   Thanks for a great product!

Robert Z. - - Monday, April 22, 2013
    Thanks for making such a great seat for me. I could already feel the difference on the ride home and it looks great. You all have a great shop team and a lovely place to visit.
    Thank you!

TimR. - New Mexico - Monday, April 22, 2013
    Rick - I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the work you did on my Triumph Storm seat. I've been putting some miles on the bike after relocating to New Mexico, and I can't tell you how much better my butt feels for sending the saddle off to you, not to mention the compliments I've been getting on how good the seat looks. Thanks again!!!

Nick S. - - Friday, March 29, 2013
    My wife just received her seat, put it on the bike, and then took a 10 minute test-spin around the block. Her conclusion: She was so satisfied that I thought she was going to ask the seat to marry her! Suffice it say, Liz loves the new seat in every way. Thank you for such a fantastic and high quality product. If ever I can send customers your way, I will.

Charles and Joann M. - - Friday, March 29, 2013
    Just a note to say my seat arrived today. The seat looks GREAT. We can't wait for the weather to break so we can put some mile on it and try it out.
    Thanks for the super job.

John Y. - - Friday, March 29, 2013
    Hey - just wanted to drop a line to say I received the saddle for my R100R Mystic and am quite pleased! I've only put some 20 miles on it since getting it back, but they're the most comfortable 20 miles I've had on the bike yet.
    Looks good and feels great! Now to wait for the warm weather to get feedback from my pillion...

John Y's R100RT Mystic

Glenn F. - - Saturday, March 23, 2013
   Took my bike out for its first ride with the new seat today. I knew it was going to be a good ride just after I got on the bike and felt the comfort of the seat. The buildup to make the seat a little higher, the additional cushion, and the fit was outstanding. It was a short two hour ride but it felt like only 30 minutes on my backside. Just OUTSTANDING !

Frank G. - - Tuesday, March 5, 2013
    I just finished an enjoyable rode on my new bike and seat! I have a few bikes and have had many custom seats on them. Your seat is the most comfortable seat I have ever had! The fit and quality is very high! Thank you for completing so I could ride with my buddies, several of whom are considering getting rid of their custom seats for one made by you.

Mike and Susan L. - - Tuesday, February 26, 2013
    I received my seat. Another great job. Thank you.

Mike G. - New Port Richey, FL - Wednesday, January 16, 2013
    Dear Rick,
    At first impression I have to say the padding in the seat is far more ridged than I would have thought and was expecting. It seemed to me that a softer material would be more comfortable while still providing enough support for the spinal column, hips and butt cheeks. However, after a 200 mile ride this morning I can say that you know better than I what it takes to make a great seat. Rick, this thing is fantastic!
    I had open back surgery some 5 years ago and while completely recovered and healed, sitting on the stock BMW K 1200 GT was the only time I have not been in pain to one degree or another. In having you work on my seat the objective was not to create a more comfortable seat but rather to address the problem of sliding forward. As far as I was concerned, the seat was comfortable stock from BMW, but the constant sliding forward even without applying the brakes, was maddening.
    Upon receipt not only did I notice fit and finish were exceptional but I noticed the padding from stock was quite a bit different but I reserved judgement till after a ride or two. Now with a few hundred miles under my belt (no pun intended), I can say you've not only rectified the sliding problem but you've taken a great, comfortable seat and made it an oasis of pleasure.
    Thanks ever so much for a fantastic job well done.

Mike G.'s 2003 - BMW K1200 GT

Kenny M. - - Tuesday, December 11, 2012
    Got my seat on Friday, thank you all very much. A couple of 500 mile days this weekend and I'm very pleased! Hope you have a great holiday.
    Thanks again.

Bob Mc. - - Monday, December 10, 2012
    Hi Rick,
    Great meeting you today. The seat is awesome! I rode 170 miles home and just as comfortable as could be. Thanks for showing me all around. You have a beautiful place. Hope I didn't bug you looking over your shoulder but it was really interesting watching a master craftsman. Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays.
    Thanks again!

Randi R.. - - Monday, November 26, 2012
   Hi Rick,
    Beautiful seat again. I hope all my word of mouth is generating some new clients for you. I included some pics that I thought you might want to put on your site since you don't have any for the 2012/2013 KTM 500 EXC.

Terry B. - - Friday, October 26, 2012
   Hi Rick,
   My wife El and I were there Saturday having you make a new seat for our RT. I told you as you finished it that if the seat's performance matched its looks it would be a great saddle.
   Well, after leaving your place and getting lunch and checking the weather forecast we decided to ride all the way back to Gardnerville, so were on the road from about 2:30 to 7:30pm, with just a couple of brief stops along the way, to add insulation and change my face shield as the sun set. The seat was great. I finally have a seat that matches the performance of a BMW motorcycle, apparently good all day, day after day, just like the bike.
   And, as I said at the time, it looks great and is well made too. So I couldn't be happier. If the weather wasn't going to be so cold and maybe a bit icy on the roads I'd bring my GS up this coming weekend for the same treatment. But I'll do that next year.
   Thanks for the great work and the great pricing as a result of your fall sale.

Henry A. - - Monday, October 1, 2012
    Just writing to say that I finally got to have a good test of my new saddle. I did a four hour trip yesterday and only stopped once. Only very minor discomfort even after such a long time. This is a massive improvement over my old seat which was downright painful after half an hour.
    Thank you, Kaarin for all the helpful communication you provided throughout the whole process and thanks to Rick for doing such a fine job. Really impressed with the whole operation. I won't hesitate to recommend you guys if I ever hear another complaint about a stock seat.

Matt L. - - Wednesday, September 19, 2012
    I received the saddle back today for my K75S and I just wanted to say that I am extremely pleased! The work you did is absolutely beautiful. It is very comfortable and fits perfectly. You obviously take a lot of pride in your craft.
    Thank you.

John R. - Aptos, CA - Saturday, Sept 9, 2012
    Rick Mayer Cycles,
    I just wanted to Thank You for the great GS saddle for my motorcycle. It looks great on the bike and better yet, makes riding a lot more enjoyable when your rear end is happy!!! BR>    Thank you again

Eric S. - - Tuesday, August 28, 2012
    I just needed to thank you for the great seat for my 2007 BMW GSA. The entire process getting to see the seat made and the way we were so kindly treated by you and your staff. BTW after 4,000 miles and no alterations I can say the seat you made for me (6'4" and 300lbs) is perfect, your seat tripled the amount of time I can ride between breaks.
- Thanks

Kevin C. - - Friday, August 24, 2012
   Hi Rick,
    Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did for me. The seats for my RT came out beautifully. But I really haven't been able to enjoy them till now(Michigan...). You made a huge difference for my rider. Michelle has a couple of bad discs in her back, and up till now she liked to ride, but only for short hops. We just got back from a short spring break in the SW TX area, riding the hill country. Her new saddle made all the difference in how much she enjoyed the trip. And as for mine, I love it. I feel like I am more a part of the bike, and the comfort is definitely a game changer. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know I like the work you did.

Randy W. - - Wednesday, February 8, 2012
   Hi Rick,
    I recently rode my bike across the country and back, and your seat performed flawlessly.

Beth and Iris - - Tuesday, February 7, 2012
    Hi Rick,
    Just wanted to thank you and Savana again for the seats you made for Irish and myself. The weekend ride was great, the only thing that got a little tired was my left forearm from all the twists and turns. I was expecting a more comfortable ride, but I had no idea that it would ease pain in my knees and back as well.
    Keep up the good work!
    Safe travels and hope to see you on the road

Chris S. - - Wednesday, January 11, 2012
    Hey Rick, how's the seat business going?
    Did a full lap of Australia on [my Rick Mayer seat] last year... almost 17000km in 7 weeks... my bum was just fine!

Lawrence E. - - Tuesday, January 10, 2012
   Thanks for a fine seat. Initial impression is extremely positive. With the arrival of friendlier weather I'll put more miles on the bike.
    Happy New Year

Luis V. RN - San Diego, CA - Monday, January 9, 2012
    Hello! I hope you and your family are well and had a great Christmas and New Year.
    I just thought it was time to send a testimony for the seat you crafted for my wife and I.
    Most importantly, my wife (Connie) is no longer tortured by the RT’s stock seat. The long ride from your shop to our next destination on that day back in May was cold a wet. However, it certainly was not uncomfortable.
    After leaving your shop our first order was to find my Harley riding brother, out there in the rain looking for us. The cell service was poor, so down the rain slick roads we proceeded. As the rain turned to hail I knew we needed to stop. Through my rain covered visor I noticed a supermarket in the distance and another biker pulling in as well. I thought to myself, “It looks like I’m not the only fool riding in this mess.”
    As we pulled up next to the other motorcycle his passenger looked our way and began to wave frantically--yes it was my brother Joe and his wife Jo. They had rode down from Mount Vernon, WA. For the next half-hour we shared rain gear (they had brought none) and made sure the wives stayed dry.
    We had intended to take your advice and ride to the coast. However, while my brother Joe was up to the ride, his wife Jo had recently started to ride with him and was afraid of the twists and turns this road presented. Following the mantra of “Keep your wives happy and you’ll be happy,” we made a better choice and headed south on the freeway eventually ending the day in Manteca, CA.
    On this long ride the seat performed as advertised. Amazingly the seat took little if no time break in. It was freezing so we turned on the heated seats and they worked exceptionally well under the new leather seat coverings. At our first lunch stop I put on the rain cover and it did the job keeping the seat dry.
    Over the past 8 months the seat has performed and broken in (without notice) well and performs without issue. The leather conditioner is perfect--Connie loves her seat and wants to make sure it’s well taken care of.
    Side note: Several months later I rode the bike to work. A rain storm passed through and soaked the area. While the rain cover always kept the seat dry during previous showers, this time the seat became soaked--even with the cover properly placed it did not stop this hard rain. Not a problem, at home I removed the seats and allowed them to dry for a day or so--they dried completely and I had no further problems. Bottom line: While the rain cover will stop most rain issues, there are situations where it will not. Still, living in San Diego, heavy rain like this is rare.
    In conclusion: First, your creation is first rate in comfort and quality. I make certain people who see it are fully aware of who created it and why my wife and believe it is the best purchase we could have made. I only wish you could have put a Rick Mayer logo on it--people need to know where it came from. Secondly, my wife was most impressed with your customer service, personal kindness and attention to taking care of your ride-in customers. Neither of us have ever received that degree of service. While this was certainly a customer transaction, you take customer service to a level I’m doubt I will ever again receive--I’m honest believe this.
    Also, on the professional side, your own story about challenging the board to receive your RN has inspired many. I find it a privilege to mentor people entering the field--particularly those who struggle. If I find it necessary I enjoy telling them your progression into the field--they are amazed and it pumps them up to know “it can be done.” Your story amplifies their desire and belief that all things are possible if your desire to succeed is strong.
    Again, thank you for a wonderful product and the best buying experience my wife and I have ever had.
    Lastly, you have my permission to use any of the above information to promote your product and yourself. Oh yes, many thanks to your assistant; he was as pleasant and informative about your product as anyone could be--a great guy!

Paul D. - - Friday, December 23, 2011
    Hi, Rick
   My seats / backrest arrived this afternoon. First-class work! Thank you. They feel just right and look great. I'll let you know how they break-in.
   Best wishes for your holidays,

Curt B. - Nevada City, ca - Thursday, September 14, 2011
    Pauli and I want to thank you for the skill that went into our F650GS seat you made for us Tuesday. Not only was it interesting watching, but the wide ranging discussion gave us topics to pursue afterward. You have a great place there, thanks for showing it to us.
    After we left you, we rode through Lassen park, down to Quincy where we stayed the night, saw the thunderstorms, and next morning rode through the early morning fog on to Truckee and home via Hwy 20. I really don't think we could have done that trip on the factory seat. Neither of us had any seat discomfort whatsoever...don't know how you do it. I could not have sat in a Barcalounger that long and felt any better. In fact, we were stopped up in the woods somewhere, and a couple of PG&E guys came by, said "nice bike" and the next thing was "where did you get that seat"? Told them the story, and gave out one of your cards...they were very impressed, may lead to another deal.
    Anyway, thanks so much. It seems like a new and much more attractive bike now.

Evan W. - - Friday, September 9, 2011
    Just wanted to let you know how your saddle is working for me. I'm in Idaho; did it from Cameron Park in one day with no issues. Your work made all the difference.

Chris L. - - Friday, September 9, 2011
    Seat worked great on the way home. arn comfortable on a baking ride down the valley! Looking forward to trying out the new gear too. Hope to see you at an event soon.

John L. - - Sunday, August 28, 2011
    Hi Rick,
    Thank you for the fast turnaround on my [2011 R1200GS] GS seat. The seat looks good and feels better as a result of your changes.
    My GT seat (constructed when I visited your place last April) has been great. I have gone on several long rides without a problem. My previous seat (Corbin) and the stock seat made long rides a challenge.
    Thanks again!

Merle S. - - Sunday, August 28, 2011
    I just finished a 1400 mile ride on the new seat you built for my 2011 Kawasaki Concours on 8/13. It is great, a very comfortable ride.
   Thanks for the fine work.

Vic G. - - Friday, July 08, 2011
    I had you make a seat for my KLR 650 this winter and I just wanted to tell you I think it is a great seat comfortable and well built and I am very happy with it.

Scott J. - - Friday, July 8, 2011
    Hi Rick,
    The seats arrived yesterday, after your phone call, and I took them out for a ride. They are a vast improvement over the stock. Thanks for getting them to me quickly! We’ll pack the bikes this weekend with the climbing gear and go down to the sea cliffs at Acadia National Park. Fun!
    Cheers - Scott

Vic G. - - Thursday, July 7, 2011
    Hi Rick,
    The seat you just did for my KTM950 Adventure is pure magic. Just did a ride to 4 national parks in 5 days. It was over 3700 miles. That’s the most I have ever done in such a short time frame. That seat was incredible. Everybody asks me about it.

Randall N. - - Friday, June 10, 2011
    I received my seat yesterday and it looks GREAT! I will be riding on it tomorrow and Monday for 300+ miles each day and I am sure it will ride as well as it looks..
[and later wrote...] I just wanted to say that the seat you made for me rides as well as it looks!! I've put about a thousand miles on it and it is nicely broken in now.
Thanks, Randy

Darryl H. - - Thursday, June 09, 2011
    Let me begin by borrowing a phrase the youth of today constantly use, "OMG!" The seat is phenomenal! Much better than I expected. It arrived on Thursday, June 2, and two days later I tested it out during my first Saddlesore 1000 (1000 miles in 24 hours). I was concerned it would require a "breaking in" period and feel uncomfortable, but not at all. I can only assume the level of comfort will improve, if that's possible since it already feels great, as it molds completely to my shape.
    Prior to installing your seat, I would normally begin to squirm in the saddle around the 120-150 mile mark. During the Saddlesore ride, I had a few legs of the trip that were 200+ miles. Not once did I feel any discomfort. My bike has a range of approximately 250 miles, so I'm certain I can go tank-to-tank in total comfort with your saddle.
    Thanks again for making such a remarkable product. It looks great too!

Thomas C. - Roseville, CA - Tuesday, May 10, 2011
    ...the ride home was as good as riding up and down 99 can be. Did what you said and tried to move around in the seat a bit. One thing I noticed right away was the pressure that used to be on my legs was all but gone. And I definitely enjoy having my weight spread out on the seat. Not once during the 2½ hours home did I feel like I needed to get up off the seat, yet with the stock seat I was standing up on the pegs every half hour or so to relieve my legs and my butt. Hopefully that is a thing of the past.
    I should be able to get some decent miles in the next several weeks, and in a month I'm in the Cal24 rally. That will be the big test.

Ray J. - Key West, FL - Thursday, May 5, 2011
    Rick and Kaarin:
    Listen to me. I am a very young, very crazy 60 years old. I have been riding bikes....since my 30th birthday. I ran a motorcycle shop in the Northeast and appraised hundreds of trade in bikes of all types. I have also owned a lot of different kinds of bikes myself.....and a lot of custom seats. But I have never owned a motorcycle seat.....like the one that you just sent me. It.....is absolutely AMAZING!
    I sold my year old BMW R1200GS Adventure.....in less than a year.....because the seat sucked.....and I refused to pay even more money to have a custom seat made for a $22,000 motorcycle. In fact....thinking back about it......every single bike that I've ever owned......required a new, custom seat of some kind....to make it really feel the way that it should. Every single one.
    As you know.....I had this seat made for my very reliable, but very inexpensive 2011 KLR 650. Actually, your hand made seat was comparatively inexpensive compared to the others available.... but infinitely BETTER.
    All that I can say is this: I remember where I was when I found out that Osama Ben Ladin was killed. It made me very, very happy. I will always remember it.
    I also will always remember the first time that I parked my 6'4" butt....on my first Rick Meyer seat. Even MORE unforgettable than the "OBL" thing!
    This....is one PERFECT seat. PERFECT.
    Please feel free to have anyone who is "on the fence" about buying one of your seats.......call me personally. 305.849.0387. Not that you need it....but I will definitely make them believers too.
    It has really been a PLEASURE....doing business with you and Kaarin. And that's saying something these days. I LOVE THIS SEAT!
{Note From RMC Webmaster - Bold type emphasis above copied from customer's letter.}

John T. - - Sunday, May 1, 2011
    Hi, Rick.
    Thanks for everything yesterday. My bum felt terrific on my 2.5 hour ride home. My wife Angie hasn't had a chance to try out the passenger seat, yet, but I anticipate that she'll love it like she did the last one.
    Thanks again. I'm looking forward to many long miles in my new, beautiful Rick Mayer Cycle custom saddle.
Addendum: Thursday, May 12, 2011
    After a very nice Mother's Day brunch with our three girls, my wife Angie and I took a couple-of-hour ride in the afternoon. It was a beautiful ride, and it gave Angie a chance to try out the new saddle. The verdict: two thumbs up! She likes it as much as she did the last saddle you made for us.
    [For more details and photos, see John's more-detailed review on his website. -ED.]

David S - Sparks, NV - Sunday, May 1, 2011
    Just a note to thank you for the exceptional experience you gave me Saturday. Your product and customer skills are unique and set a new standard for excellence. I admire the business and life style you have created.
    Special thanks for patiently letting me look on, answering my questions, and letting me take a few pictures. As promised, I will not distribute the photos anywhere but, with your permission, I would like to send to a few motorcycling friends that will appreciate what you have to offer and possibly become new customers too. Also, I admit that I would like to brag about my wisdom in choosing Rick Mayer to do my new seat. See the photo album here.
    I was surprised at how the seat changed during my 220 mile ride home. It just got better and better. Like breaking in new shoes.
   Thanks again for a great day and a great product.

John K. - - Tuesday, April 26, 2011
    Just a quick note to thank you for yesterday installing cush for my tush via the revamped seat on my 1996 Pacific Coast. I breezed home the 230 miles to Satna Rosa without a trace of buttock burn. Everything I heard about the quality of your seats was validated. And the sculptured contours of the interlaced pattern seat are great looking as well. Thanks also to your people for working with me so that we could schedule a ride-in appointment date without undue worry about riding in the rain.
   Good work. May your tribe increase.

Brad and Kate G. - - Tuesday, April 12, 2011
   You absolutely nailed our seat! We just went for our first ride, and your seat made it so much more enjoyable. It's like a new bike.
   The seat looks fantastic also, great craftsmanship!
   Thank you!

Larry - - Monday, April 4, 2011
   Rick, Kaarin, Tessa and the whole gang,
   I received the seat today at my new address, and as usual the work looks great. What a great solution, nice shape and 'pocket' and better looking and lower than a Russell :) Can't wait to take it for a long ride.

Miranda B. - - Sunday, April 3, 2011
    Hey Rick!
   THANK YOU for making me the best seat I could've imagined. I made it through my 1st Saddlesore [1,000 miles in 24 hours] and then the [24 mile] marathon the next day. I had taken a brief ride around town after I got the seat, so to break it in on a 1000 mile ride and not be sore is pretty incredible.

Sean L. - - Friday, April 1, 2011
   Very nice seat. Thank you Rick .Hope you have a great riding season.

Rich O. - Reno, NV. - Tuesday, March 29, 2011
    Hello Rick,
    Just wanted to say thanks for building me a great seat. I had a good ride back to Reno last week, then got to really experience the seat this week end. I did about 150 miles on Saturday, and about 250 miles today. I am using the middle position and like it, my back is adjusting, but the overall ride is much much better due to the seat. And thanks for all the riding tips!

Peter F. - Australia - Saturday, March 19, 2011
   The seat is absolutely first class:

(This photo was) taken in the middle of nowhere in Australia during on a 3800 km ride between Sydney and Adelaide and return. I was comfortable on the bike the whole time, thanks to the seat. Please thank ... the team for me.
    Thanks again,
    - Peter

Bruce W. - - Wednesday, March 16, 2011
    Hey, Rick,
    I got the saddle today and took the bike for a ride in the RAIN. Whoo, whoo!
    You did a beautiful job of reading my mind and the workmanship is awesome. The saddle is very comfortable........just need to try it two up (with my wife). the red stitching is just what I wanted, just a bit of accent color.
    I am very happy and I thank you very much.

Kenneth M. - - Monday, March 14, 2011
    I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my new seat. With the stock seat, within two hours of riding I was miserable and wanted to get off the bike. After 5 days on the road with your seat, I was wishing for another 5 days off from work! It amazes me that the seat could make such an enormous difference in the ride. Your seat “takes the ass out of the long-distance riding equation.” I’d been seriously considering trading my Vstrom for a Concours 14 because I couldn’t ride it more than a few hundred miles, but not any more.
    Again, thanks very much for the great product and getting the seat out in time for my big trip. If you ever need a reference or would like a customer testimonial, I’m your man!

Phil G. - - Tuesday, January 25, 2011
    Hi All,
    The seat was just delivered. It is gorgeous and I'm absolutely delighted. If the snow and ice ever melt, I may actually get to ride on it. Makes me want to get a third bike, just to get another seat! I also love seeing my photo of my Silvering seat on your site as an example.
    Rick and Tessa, thanks so much for the great work, communication and service.
    With sincere best regards and appreciation.

Sandy B. - - Tuesday, January 18, 2011
   You are awesome, got my seat Friday, just in time for warm weather and a test ride on Saturday. The seat fits my butt perfectly. How do you do that?
   Love it love it love it!
   Also thank you very much for fixing the seat bolts, I really appreciate it.
   Since I finally found the bike I love, I won't be needing another seat until I am very, very old and buy a can-am spider.

Peter C. - Serres/Greece - Wednesday, January 13, 2010
    Hi, Rick Mayer
    I am glad about my new bike throne! I travel a lot per year and my butt is trully satisfied of your work!
    Thanks a lot!

David - Indianapolis, IN. - Monday, December 28, 2009
    ....used [my RMC seat] on a London to NY, round the world trip this summer (June - Oct). This seat was very comfortable during the trip.

Matt T. - Chicago, Il. - Saturday, December 5, 2009
    I've been meaning to send you a note regarding the seat you did for my 2002 BMW K1200RS. I received it just before leaving on my trip to NY from IL the beginning of June. We did 780 miles the first day & for a guy with herniated disks that can be rough. Suffice to say that after 2800 miles in 6 days, my buddies came home wanting to contact you. After all day it was if I'd never sat on it!!!

Paul S. - Cincinnati, OH - Saturday, December 5, 2009
    Recieved my saddle for my r1100r yesterday. While unpacking it I could not stop admiring the craftmanship. The quality of the stitching and the material are 1st rate. I only had time for a 45 minuite ride but I knew even before I left my driveway that I had a winner. The riding position is way better and now I can move around if needed.
    Great job.

Michael W. - Anderson, CA - Friday, November 20, 2009
"Cycle Shop Renowned for its Seats." This is an article in the "Anderson Valley Post" Newspaper, written by Michael Woodward, reporter for the paper. [NOTE: This link takes you directly to the article on the "Anderson Valley Post" website.]

John O. - San Antonio, TX - Thursday, October 1, 2009
    Just got back from a trip from San Antonio to Colorado and back including several days over 500 miles each. The improvement in comfort with the Rick Mayer seat as compared to the BMW OEM seat was substantial... Like having a new bike... or maybe a new butt.
   All the best.

Neil M. - VA - Wednesday, September 23, 2009
    Hi Rick!
    I am the retired Marine from Virginia that rode into your ranch about a month ago. You built a vinyl basket weave seat for my 06 K1200GT--replacing the stock seat that had a Bangladesh taxi driver beaded top! From your place I rode Route 36 that you recommended to the coast--what a great ride and one of the highlights of my 7000 mile trip!
    Your seat is one of the best 500 bucks I have ever spent on a motorcycle! From Yellowstone I hammered back to Virginia in three days with not a whimper from my 70 year-old butt! It was a pleasure to meet you--and thanks for a great product!

Burl G. - Kingwood, TX - Thursday, July 30, 2009
    It was good to meet you at the BMW MOA rally in TN. Both my wife and I appreciate the extreme comfort of the new leather seat for our '03 K1200GT, and the prompt turnaround you provided. We had ridden many short day rides with the stock seat, and they were always painful if longer than a few hours. We received the seat prior to the ride to the TN rally from Houston, and had a totally enjoyable and VERY COMFORTABLE ride of just over 2,500 miles round-trip!
    Thank you, from both of us!

Jock R. - - Wednesday, July 29, 2009
    Just wanted to let you know that the seats you did for me last May 2008, are great. My wife and I finally did a long distance 1500 mi. ride on them. We both were comfortable with no sore points. We were able to sit on them for 2-3 hours before stopping. We had to stop because we needed to stretch our legs. (maybe you have something for that).
    Anyway thanks again for doing such great work.

Fran N. - - Wednesday, July 8, 2009
    I just wanted to drop you a note, Thanking You for an amazing saddle. I do not know how you do it, but it is EXACTLY what I needed. The fit is extraordinary, and my ride longevity seems endless now. For the past two weeks, every time on the bike is sheer joy. No more dead ass syndrome !
    I have told everyone that I ride with that if they're considering a saddle upgrade to look no further than your web site. Thank you again.
    If you could do something for my Piper Cherokee's seat.....I may never go back to work.

Dave B. - - Thursday, June 11, 2009
   I just returned from a trip to New Hampshire (from Florida). I spent about five days getting there through the Smokey Mountains, Blue Ridge mountains, Catskills, White Mountains, etc. Had fun on the way. On the way back - I made a bee-line - two days. About 1250 miles (one-way) of which about 800 was the second day. Not too shabby for a big dirt bike!
   Just to let you know I am really enjoying the seat you made for me (and the bike now). I was VERY comfortable on this trip. I can't imagine having tried this trip without your seat. One very happy customer !!!!!!!
   Thanks again,

Peter A - - Tuesday, May 12, 2009
   Hello Rick,
    I will have to admit, I had very high expectations from you based on what I have read and heard about your seats... and you have exceeded every one of them by a significant margin! I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The seat looks and feels great - even after only 60 miles on it so far. I cannot wait until my bum and the seat get even better acquainted after more hours and miles. The relatively short delay for the delivery was well worth it. The next time we get a nice sunny day, I'll take a couple of pictures of the new seat on my bike and send them to you. It should be soon.The added personal touch of including a couple of micro-brews was a pleasant surprise. They're in my special fridge and I will enjoy them privately after a good ride. That'll be our little secret.You and your staff are a class act. Only the highest of recommendations will come from me.
    All the best,
    '08 Moto Guzzi Norge (now with an all-leather dual seat by Rick Mayer!)

Dave B. - - Thursday, March 26, 2009
    Rick (and Tessa),
    I received my custom seat from you about two months ago. I wanted to test it out to see how well it work for me. Without a doubt, it is the most comfortable seat I've ever had on a bike. I went three hours last week end without a "butt stop." Also another three this week end. In about two weeks, I am heading to New England from North Florida. We'll see how well I tolerate with that. I believe any one with a DR 650 would be happy with this seat on their bike. It's wide enough for the street and even though it may appear too wide for trails and dirt - it isn't. You may want to add one of these photos to your website. Part of what sold me on you, was the photos of the KLR 650 with a "bucket" in the seat just like the one you made for me. You have a great reputation - I can see why. I can't thank you enough for your skills and assistance. If not for this seat, I'd spend a lot less time riding. Now I am confident I can do more than just commute before I get sore.
    Outstanding !!!!!!!!
    Thanks again!

Nataraj H. - - Tuesday, May 12, 2009
    Read the full review on Nataraj's blog which includes more images. Included in his testimonial is the following: "Total saddle time for that ride was just over 5 hours and my butt was still ready to ride."

Greg M. - Novato, CA - Tuesday, April 07, 2009
    Attached is the picture of my RTP. I love the seat... 8 hrs in the saddle... this seat makes a big difference.


Jeff S - Springport, MI - Thursday, March 26, 2009
    Dear Rick,
    In 2001 you rushed a seat order to me so I could ride a new BMW R1150GS to the Artic Circle from my home in Michigan. A 10,000-mile ride deserved better than a stock seat. I never had a bad day on that trip including to back-to-back 825-mile days. Two years later I sold the bike, but kept the seat just in case. Three years ago I ran across an identical 2001 GS and bought the motorcycle for my winter riding in Florida. Of course, the seat again made the motorcycle. While the seat is almost eight years old, I took care of the leather and it looked and rode like the day I got it.
    The Arctic Circle again calls and I have decided to upgrade to a R1200GS for the ride. Alas, the R1200GS won’t accept the 1150 seat so I decided to sell the seat with the motorcycle. I’m selling an old friend with which I had many “close” and enjoyable hours. A friend of mine was interested in the GS as a second bike and when I told him the seat was included, it made for a quick agreement on the sale. Since that first seat in 2001, you have made me seats for a R1150RT, a K1200LT and my current ride a R1200RT. I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been with your product. It makes my beemers perfect!
    I close on the R1200RT next week, but am taking no chances about getting one of your seats for the bike in time for the ride. My check, a custom seat order form, and a picture of me on the GS are enclosed with this letter.
    Thank you for a great product. Keep up the good work.

"ka5ysy" - Prairieville, LA. - Thursday, March 12, 2009
    Read the full review by the customer of the custom seat for the 2007 BMW R1200R, including images and ride report HERE in the forum area of the "Dual Sport Riders of Louisiana" website.

William L. G. - King George, VA - Wednesday, February 4, 2009
    Rick & Family,
   This email is to acknowledge receipt of my seat. It arrived as scheduled.Inspection of seat verified all is well. The stitching is perfect and there are no detectable flaws in the leather. The seat is a work of art.
   Thanks much for your attention to detail. I can't wait to put a couple 1000-mile rides on it.

Cole P. - Orono, Maine - Sunday, December 14, 2008
    I just want to take a minute to tell you how much I LOVE the new seats. I also appreciate the extra stitching on the top portion of the passenger seat. The seats are above and beyond what I could have imagined. My best to you and your family for a happy holiday season.

Bill J - - Wednesday, October 29, 2008
    Took a couple of snaps to show my Berkeley brother-in-law the new seat you fitted to my [R1100]S. And to my ass. Ha ha

    Thought you might like to have them to share with others in your gallery, if you wish.

Marty G - - Wednesday, October 22, 2008
    Hi Rick,
    First, I want to thank you and staff. The seat is great! Totally comfortable. NO more butt pain and grion numbness and no sliding forward.
    You all are the best.

Paul - - Friday, October 17, 2008
    Hi Rick,
   LOVE the seat!!! Thank you so much for you patience and perseverance. You can add one more very satisfied customer to your list. The old seats will go out UPS tonight and you should get them in about 8 days.
   Thanks also to Tessa and her patience.

Warchild - - Monday, October 13, 2008
    I had a Russell made for my FJR many years ago.... it's been doing the job just fine.
    However, earlier this year when I was transforming the Hayabusa into a LD rally bike, I decided to have Rick Mayer do up a saddle for me. I had a Rick Mayer seat on the Blackbird when I did a rather lengthy little ride in 2007, so I was well aware of his work. Did a Ride-In appointment in early July....
    I did 30,000 miles on this Hayabusa this summer alone, and I can pretty much assure you it wouldn't have happened without this Rick Mayer seat. I like this seat so much, I may be selling the Russell and have Rick Mayer do up the FJR's seat next summer. Here's several photos of Rick creating the seat for me. [NOTE: That link is to a topic on the FJR forum. it will open in a new window or tab. That page is not associated with Rick Mayer Cycle.]
    All the above having been said, Steve is still spot on in his comments about what works for one may not work for another. I've known a number of folks that didn't like the Russell, or the Bill Mayer, or the Rick Mayer, or the Corbin, or this seat, or that seat, etc, etc.... again, the way to mitigate this is to do a Ride-In if it's feasible.
    Just another data point, but my Rick Mayer seat has been fantastic for me...YMMV, etc.

Tony - - Monday, September 29, 2008
    Hey Rick,
    I took out the Bike this past Sat and Drove about 260 Miles. The seat is outstanding!. Nothing like the stock seat. My wife sent in the stock seat and you will be receiving it soon. I went to a beemer rally in Indiana, It was my first one and the guys were interesting. Every body remarked about the seat.
    Again, thanks

Mansoor S. - CO. - Wednesday, September 17, 2008
    Received my seat and I am truly delighted. A work of art! Count me in as one of your satisfied customers. Had I known it would make such a difference, I would have requested your handiwork a long time ago.
    Again, thank you for the courtesy. Wish you much continued success.

[anon] - - Monday, September 8, 2008
    I already thanked you personally at the Stomp for the superb job you did on the custom saddle for my '04 R1150RT. Now, having just competed this year's Three Flags Classic rally, I had to let you know that the 600+ mile days of riding from Mexico to Vancouver Island B.C. in 3 days were physically taxing, but my butt never hurt, and that's all due to your careful craftsmanship: Thanks again.

Brett D. - - Thursday, September 4, 2008
    Hey Rick,
    Long time no talk, I first off want to say thanks for setting up my Sportster for the IBR ["Iron Butt Ride" by the Iron Butt Association], your seat came through again in 2007, the comfort helped me get the best finish ever by a HD, and be the first to finish on a Sportster! 3rd place is nothing to sneeze at!

Mike L. - - Wednesday, July 30, 2008
    I want to thank you for the work you did on my R1200RT seat. It's much more comfortable than the original, looks great, and you delivered as promised. Tessa, you were great at following up on the details.

Brent C. - Lenexa, KS - Friday, July 25, 2008
   Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the saddle you made for me on July 1st. Its great! On the way from Kansas City out to the Redwoods and your shop, I was doing between 250 and 300 miles a day, having to get off the bike every hour or so due to and aching butt was aggravating and I was really sore in my butt at the end of the day. Hot spots and an uncomfortable saddle were really taking their toll on my enjoyment of my trip.
    After stopping at your shop and meeting you, your wife, your son, and staff, I knew that I was in good hands. Everyone was very pleasant and it was obvious that you enjoyed your work. You built the custom saddle for my 06 Victory Kingpin in a couple of hours and covered it with a stitched black leather cover. You also covered the rear passenger's pillion in the same stitched black leather. The seat looks great and I have had a lot of compliments on it, but the real test was in its rideability.
    I covered a little over 2200 in 6 days miles returning to the KC area and the ride was great. No more sore butt. The ride was more comfortable than the stock seat as soon as you installed it, but as I got more and more miles on it, it became more and more comfortable. I was now covering 300 to 350 miles a day and could have covered a lot more, but I was stopping to take pictures and visit places. The end of the day was a pleasure as I was no longer dealing with a sore and aching butt.
    My last day was a ride from Burlington, CO to Lenexa, KS. A ride of about 430 to 440 miles. The ride was made in about 7 to 7-1/2 hours without any pain or soreness in my butt. After I got home, I rode the bike around for a hour or so just because it was such a nice day and I really didn't want the trip to end. All together, I covered about 5600 miles. The first half of the trip wasn't nearly as enjoyable as it was after the new saddle. I only regret that I didn't get the seat done before I left home.
    I can't say enough good things about your work and my new saddle. It looks great and rides even better. An added benefit is that I feel more connected to the bike as well. This is evidenced by my scraped floorboards and exhaust nuts. I am riding the bike more aggressively in tight corners and feel much more in touch and control than I did with the stock seat. I've been telling others about the wonderful job you did and am recommending to everyone that they contact you instead of buying an aftermarket seat. Why buy something that is only a little better than stock when you can get a great Rick Mayer saddle that is custom fit, custom foamed, and custom covered for the same money or even less.
    Again, thanks for a great looking and great riding saddle.

Ray V. - San Pablo, CA - Friday, June 27, 2008
    Hello Rick & Staff,
    On 04/03/07 I rode to your shop so you could work your "magic" and give me a custom saddle that I could comfortably sit on for hours on end. My longest ride to date 876 miles in a day! I have ridden over 24,000 since that Sat in March 2007 and I want to thank you and your staff for producing a truly "magic" custom saddle that is getting better and better with each ride. All your claims are true and you can send anyone with questions about your custom saddles to me and I will set them straight.
    Thank you.

Ron V. - - Friday, February 15, 2008
    Received the backrest pad and got it mounted up. The weekend before last we had a break in our Winter weather so my wife and I got out for a little ride. My wife was very pleased with how comfortable the new backrest pad is. I am very pleased with how much better it looks compared with the Givi pad.The basketweave and the topstiching really blend well visually with the seat you made for me. Thank you for a great seat and for going the extra mile making this backrest pad for me. Everyone I talk motorcycles with knows how pleased I am with your product and your service.

Joseph T. MD - CT - Wednesday, January 2, 2008
   Lorin and I really like the feel of the new seats - you did a great job on the fit and finish. Thanks!
Happy New Year. XX

Don A. - - Tuesday, December 4, 2007
      I first bought a seat from you for my 1200GS, as I was planning ab trip to Alaska the following summer. It's a fantastic seat, and it was comfortable all day, every day. Next, I ordered a seat for my 1200RT, and it, too, is wonderful. Now, I'm about to order one for my F650, and I know that I will soon have 3 great seats to ride on, no matter what the occasion.
      Thanks a lot!

Pam and Andy B. - - Tuesday, December 4, 2007
      We received the seat and it looks great. Thanks so much. If you have time, please send us a few business cards so that we can hand them out when asked about our new seat.
      Again, thank you! We are very pleased.

Mary E. - - Wednesday, November 21, 2007
      Hi Rick,
      Just wanted to say THANKS for a great job on the motorcycle seat! You made riding FUN again! We logged several thousand miles this season and appreciated having a comfortable ride.
      HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Bill H. - - Tuesday, November 20, 2007
      Rick, we met you at the BMW rally in West Bend. I have a red R1150R, and you custom made our seat for my wife and me. It is very beautifully done and so much more comfortable than the stock seat. And the bike looks much better. I want to thank you very much for the excellent job!

David G - - Tuesday, November 13, 2007
      Rick, I'm so happy with my new saddle! After six hours my butt still feels like I just sat down. Can you do the same for my neck, back and hands? Just kidding. It was great to meet you.
     Thanks for everything, Dave

Paul B. - - Tuesday, October 16, 2007
      I took the bike for a brief ride this week and noticed an immediate difference in the comfort over the stock BMW R1100/R1150 seat. No sliding forward when I stop. The seat is flatter and more firm and those little bones on each side of my butt don't bounce against the seat pan. Yeah! I probably still have another 480 miles to put on before it gets broken in, though I can tell it is so much better. I anticipate many happy miles and years of use from this seat. I'll be happy to keep in touch and let you know how it works out.
      Thank you.

John and Lynn F. - - Saturday, October 6, 2007
      I just wanted to thank you again for the great service making our new Stratoliner seat. I've had many compliments on the looks of the seat already, and now the one part of me that never hurts after a long ride is, well, my butt. Lynne agrees -- we can't imagine a more comfortable seat.
      Thanks again.

Mike H. - - Wednesday, October 3, 2007
     I got my Seat last Friday 9/28/07. Rode 225 miles home and am very pleased. Put another 160 on yesterday. Wow!! Nice seat. The pain is gone, and Rick was a great host, and fit me in spur of the moment. Now I need 2 more seats for my other bikes. I'm spoiled.

Madelyn R. - Eugene, OR - Friday, September 28, 2007
      Hey Rick,
      WOW!! My seat is awesome! No red spots on my butt when I got home. I only stopped for fuel once and to pee once— all with no fatigue. You did an incredible job! I had no idea itt would be that much improved!! Thank You!

John O. - Nashville, TN - Wednesday, September 21, 2007
      Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a great saddle this is! When I first received it, my first impression was that it was too flat and hard; but I just finished a 4000 mile, 2-week trip and have nothing but praise for the saddle, never a hint of monkey-butt the whole trip. And it's a great looking saddle as well. Good job, and thanks!

Jerry K. - - Thursday, September 13, 2007
      Just wanted to let you know the seat worked well, installed last week on the 07 FJR, back from a 1800 mile trip. The highway pegs from "Wild Bill Terry" and the rack from Priemer Cycles.
      Thanks again for a job well done, when its time to replace the Harley set will give you a call.

Michael G - - Friday, June 29, 2007
      Took a short ride... 100 miles round trip. To a FJR technical meeting. Repairs and modifications at a local dealer. 32 bikes there. One had one of your seats, a 'single' seat just like mine. My saddle was great.
      [Now I] have almost 2,000 miles on the seat. It is outstanding! My wife says her section is perfect.
      [Here is an] image of the seat on the bike.

Robert O. M.D. - Raleigh, N.C - Thursday, June 07, 2007
      The new saddle is working well and a quantum improvement over the Bavarian torture seat on my K1200GT. Again, thanks for your excellent work. Hope you are recovering well.

Robert B. - AL - Tuesday, May 29, 2007
      I received my complete saddle, front and back, on Friday of last week. The saddle is absolutely beautiful and performs just as advertised. I did a quick weekend trip to Memphis just to see how it felt. I was able to ride 250 miles on Saturday and over 300 on Sunday with no hip pain. Outstanding!
      Thanks. I look forward to many miles with my new seat.

Stew - - Tuesday, May 15, 2007
      Yo Rick, Took my new seat on its madien voyage today, WOW, what a difference. The factory seat on my new R1200RT would start to talk to me after 125 miles. I just turned in 458 miles today, 10 hours in the saddle doing the twisties in PA. NO PROBLEM!Your seat enabled me to enjoy an entire day of riding, not resting!

Jake D. - - Tuesday, May 8, 2007
      Can't tell you how grateful I am for getting my seat back to me in time for my trip. It looks and feels terrific.

Craig O. - - Tuesday, May 8, 2007
     Rick and staff,
     I've had several opportunities to do some distance riding on the seat you did for my R1200RT - - Approximately 1,000 miles. I liked it when it first arrived just based on the job you did and the way it looked on the bike. Now that I've ridden on it some, I like it even more! It just keeps getting more comfortable!
     Thanks for a really great job!

David G. - Austin, Tx - Thursday, April 26, 2007
     Hello Rick,
    I have completely enjoyed the seat that you made for my ST1300. I had not been able to ride more than 150 miles on the stock seat without great pain in my lower back, butt, hips and knees forcing me to return home. My first ride with your seat was 200 miles without getting off the bike once! I've since taken a nearly 800 mile ride from Austin through southeast Texas in one day. I swapped bikes with another guy and he liked my seat far better than the custom seat on his ST1300. It's made an incredible difference in my ability to ride farther and longer than ever before.

Gail J. - Grants Pass, OR - Thursday, April 5, 2007
      Hey Rick,
      Thanks SO much! Love the seat; got it installed today and took it for a little ride. My butt loves it.
      Also, Tracy, my husband, is planning to come down to get his Triumph seat done.
Margaret I Harley Margaret I. - - Wednesday, April 4, 2007
      Hi Rick :)
      Daytona was the usual: Bikes, Beer....you get the picture! Seat was great - did about 650 miles, no problem.
      This past weekend we took a little longer journey - 1200 miles in five days - still smiling. I wanted to send a photograph for you.

Dick S. - - Friday, March 30, 2007
      Just wanted to thank you. Received seats yesterday, rode last nite everything is great, the leather conditioner  works real well.  Will highly recommend your company to all my motorcycle  friends. Your seat has transformed my R1200RT seat comfort. 
     Thanks again!

Glen J. - -Wednesday, March 21, 2007
     Hi Rick! Approximately 1 year ago you made a saddle for me for my BMW K1200LT and I haven't been able to take an extended trip until the 2nd of March. I went on a 10 day 4000 mile trip and it was the most comfortable I have ever been!
  That saddle was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are a true craftsman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

Perry R. - - Saturday, March 3, 2007
     My seats arrived this past week. Spent the last three days riding and can truly say you work miracles. Have tried gel pads, sheepskin and other assorted remedies in the pursuit of trying to find comfort on the OEM LT seats. I told my wife we waited way too long on ordering your custom seats. You turned the OEM BMW LT seats into total comfort. Plus they look great!

Chris K. - - Tuesday, February 13, 2007
     Dear Rick,
     I just received my new saddle from you guys and let me say WOW!!What a great job..Thank you, your craftmanship is superb.

Richard M. - Corvallis, OR - Tuesday, February 13, 2007
     The seat arrived this afternoon and is on the bike and fits up and down - fits the bike perfectly as you said it would, and fits my bum perfectly, as I hoped. It totally transforms the bike from the "mosssy rotten log" feel of the stock "seat" to being in the cockpit of a Formula 1 race car. Utter delight! Fit also is near-ideal both sitting and standing on the pegs. This should greatly increase both mileage and enjoyment of my littlest bike. People sometimes think custom seats are for our larger bikes. But the real fun of these light, maneuverable small-displacement bikes is achieved when we can enjoy being on them for hours, not just picking them up.
     Thanks again for your meticulous craftsmanship, excellent design and especially for your professional knowledge that makes your art both demanding and results in such dramatic improvements.
     Monkey butt be gone! Bring on the hills!

Tony & Missy D. - - Wednesday, November 29, 2006
     We recieved the saddle and the shirts. The bike is a joy for both the wife and I to ride. On dec. 9th we are going on a long ride for the vrod forum fund raiser which we could not have done on our old seat.
      Thank you very much- it was worth the wait.

Jeff S. - Springport, MI - Tuesday, October 24, 2006
     Regarding the seat, it is as good as you have made for me. Rode my R1200RT to Deals Gap for a couple of days of day riding and then on to the NASCAR race in Talladega, Alabama the first full weekend in October. The ride down is always 10 hours from home 650 miles to Knoxville, Tennessee. Heavy rain the first 100 miles. The last 550 was in 85 degree weather until sunset. I was totally comfortable on your seat.
     So I guess it measures up to seat on my 2001 GS and the seats you made for the 1150RT and the K1200LT.
     Keep up the great work and have a safe and happy holiday season.

Matt and Tracy N. - Newark, DE - Wednesday, October 18, 2006
      We just returned from a weekend trip testing out our new saddles. WOW! What a difference!
      Thanks for a great job.

John V. - - Tuesday, October 17, 2006
     Just a quick note to thank you, as thanks are in order, for the wonderful saddle!
     I finally got a chance to do some distance riding this weekend in central Pa. and couldn't believe the difference after hours of being in the saddle. No pain or discomfort from sitting anymore! Your craftsmanship and service are remarkable. Thanks!

Mark M. - - Tuesday, October 17, 2006
     The seat turned out very nice, Thank You. Nice and wide, good angle and the yellow stitching matches the gold trim line on the tank scallop, really GREAT.

Mike G - Sacramento, CA - Saturday, October 14, 2006
     Just a quick note to let you know how great the seat on my K1200S turned out. The ride home was so comfortable!!!! I have had four Russell seats on different motorcycles from 1993 to 2000, and I rate your seat the BEST of them all. The seat release is working great too.

Jim B - Olympia, WA - Monday, October 9, 2006
     Just a quick note to let you know that the seat arrived here, and is wonderful..... both to look at and to feel under the butt!!!!! Tho I am in the Iron Butt assoc, I will no longer need to have one!!!!

bm - - Friday, October 6, 2006
     ...I've got about 1,000 miles on it and the seat is terrific. Fits great and the workmanship is awesome. You have earned your reputation.
     thanks again

fish f. - - Tuesday, September 19, 2006
     Dear Rick Mayer,
     I got to ride with my new seat today (Sat,16) Fantastic!!!! I could not be happier. I hate to ruin it for you because you said on the phone "you should never help a whiner, cause they will only whine more". Well, my whining is done! Seriously, I couldn't believe how great it looked out of the box. Then I couldn't believe how great it feels on the bike. You really know what you are doing. Thank you so much for fitting me in your schedule, I really appreciate it. Me and my ass thank you from the bottoms of our bottoms.(it's a little funny)

Barry K. - Longview, TX - Wednesday, September 13, 2006
     I used to be able to ride 150 miles before discomfort set in, then after that it was constant.
     On the way back home to Longview, TX, on my KLR I rode from Casper, WY to Amarillo, TX, a total of 725 miles with very little discomfort.
      Thanks Rick, I love the seat and the fabric your helper suggested ( I wish I could remember his name). Thanks for the tour of your place also.

David C - - Tuesday, September 5, 2006
     The seating position is excellent and the foam comfort is much better than stock. Despite a week and a half on the road with the wife we never woke up sore in the mornings. Circulation to my lower extremities is good as well.
     So, thanks so much for the seat. I'm happy most of the time and I, now that I've had some time with your saddle, agree that your is the best seat I've ever used.

Jim L. - - Tuesday, August 15, 2006
     Hello Rick,
     First, I love my new seat. I was finally able to take it on a long ride this past weekend. What a difference! I went from having to get off in an hour and a half to riding comfortably for a little over four hours! In addition to the wonderful ride, the seat is beautiful. The guys at the dealership made several comments to that effect.

Patrick D. - San Jose, CA - Thursday, June 29, 2006
     Thanks a bunch Rick. The saddle has been awesome for the last 80k miles or so. I can't even remember when exactly I put the saddle on the bike initially, but the bike has over 110,000 miles on it now and I can't imagine doing all those miles with any other saddle.
     Thanks a bunch for your rapid service on the cover also*.. it was a big help as it's difficult for me to go without my bike... (grin).
     All the best,
[NOTE: * This customer's cover cracked and was replaced at no charge. -RICK]

Bob and Mary Jane M. - Houston, TX - Tuesday, June 27, 2006
      Comments regarding the new saddle, a dual "comfort" type in leather for a 2002 BMW R1150RT: In terms of quality, this is clearly the finest motorcycle seat we have ever purchased in over 40 years of riding. We have owned Corbins (never again), various OEM and Sergeant seats, none of which could compare with the Rick Mayer product in terms of quality material, professional workmanship, overall fit and driver/passenger comfort. To break in our new Rick Mayer seat, we completed a weeklong HSTA rally based in Avon, Colorado.
      The Rick Mayer seat exceeded our expectations in all respects.

Mark H. - - June 06, 2006
      The seat fairy visited me 2 hours before I was to leave for a Dual Sport ride in Georgia on a loaner seat. I re-packed over the new seat and left without a test ride. As I knew it would be, the ride was great. I rode around 400 miles on and off road in total comfort.
     Thanks for a great product!

Gary M. - Stillwater, MN - May 18, 2006
     We received the seat and tried it out. She loves it and so do I. When I put the breaks on she doesn't slide into me and bump helmets. That was pretty distracting and more irritating than I realized until now.

James M. - Toronto, Ontario - May 16, 2006
     Rick, I have around 1500 miles on the saddle that you did for my '05 FJR. I cannot adequately express how happy I am now that I can ride a whole tank of gas without getting off the bike! I used to get squirmy at 50 miles, and at 80 I would have to stop for a stretch! I am looking forward to my journey to Tennessee and North Carolina in June.
     An awesome seat!

Dave M. - Gig Harbor, WA - May 13, 2006
     A day after I picked up my seat, I climbed on for a 4000 plus trip down Baja and up through mainland Mexico. You told me that you thought it would take 200 miles to break in the seat. Well, I never experienced any discomfort on the entire trip. I have a Corbin on my RT and I must say there is no comparison. I have already told my friend Steve Ready where to buy his seat for his new GS.
     Thanks for the great seat.

Don E. - - May 12, 2006
     Well it has been more than a year since I purchased the seat for my R1150RT. The bottom line, no pun, is that you were right - it gets better every mile I add to it. Hot or cold my seat is just fine in your seat. I never stop telling people about the seat, hope they are getting seats as a result of my sales pitch.
     In my book there is no better!

Guy A. - El Dorado Hills, CA - May 11, 2006
     Hello Rick,
     The custom seat you did for my K1200LT a couple of weeks back is FANTASTIC.

Micheal I. - Rogers, CT - May 10, 2006
     Well done!! Thanks for the great saddle.

Ryan M. - Bloomington, IL - May 9, 2006
     I got my seat about two weeks ago. WOW, that baby rocks. I have close to 3,000 miles on it and it is by far the best seat I have ever ridden on.
     Thank you.

Matt & Johnna M. - Chicago, ILL - May 3. 2006
     We just received our saddle and after a long ride, we love it! My wife is very pleased with the position and comfort and I appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail. I will give a glowing review on the COG form.
     It was a pleasure meeting you in Chicago and good luck in your new shop.
     Regards and thanks, Rick.

Brian T. - Edmonton Alberta, Canada - May 1, 2006
     Hi Rick.
     Received my saddle today, looks great, superb workmanship.
     I went for a short 30 mile ride and felt no discomfort at all; in fact the saddle went from being the most disliked part on my bike to my favorite part. It will definitely enhance my riding this year.
     Thanks for a job well done!

Glenn H. - St. Clair Shores, MI - April 26, 2006
     Hi Rick,
     The seat are working out wonderful and I just love them, able to ride 500-600 miles in day without a problem.

Hugh L. - San Antonio, TX - April 24, 2006
     Just a note to say how much I like the new saddle. My wife and I rode about 250 miles on Saturday through the Texas Hill Country. The saddles were phenomenal, experienced no butt burn during the ride. They are so far superior to the OEM saddles as to defy comparison. We are very pleased. This was well worth waiting for. We are happy customers, and will champion your saddles to all who will listen.

Thomas A. - Whippany, NJ - April 24, 2006
     I took the seat I had made for my Vegas and moved it to my new Victory Kingpin. Thought you might like these pics to add to your site. I'm really loving the seat and hope to see the pics on your website soon.

Doron G. - Houston, TX - April 24, 2006
     I rode (with wife) on your seats and they are great. We did only 160 miles but are very happy. Please feel free to use my name as a happy customer. You can also give my phone number to anyone who wish to talk to me or come and see the seats.
      Thanks again

Dennis B. - - April 18, 2006
     You built a seat for my Concours last fall. I went for a 700km ride recently and I am very impressed with the seat. I rode the 700km non-stop, except for gas fills, through southern Alberta in 8 hours or so. At the end of the ride I had no pain in my butt and my lower back was still in good shape. Thanks for an excellent product!

Bill S. - Phoenix, AZ - April 16, 2006
     I'll keep it simple. The saddle you did for me is GREAT! I finally went for a ride and what a difference. It is 100% better than the stock seat was. Your workmanship is very very good and I had a lot of good comments about the saddle.
     Again, thank you.

Chris C. - Petaluma, CA - April 15, 2006
     Rick, I received my seat today [for my Yamaha GTX 1000]. Thank you very much. The seat is perfect for me.

Steve F - Plymouth, MN - April 7, 2006
      My seat arrived yesterday. Nice job! The craftsmanship is excellent and I'm looking forward to thousands of miles in the new saddle.
      Thanks much and best regards

Dave W. - April 3, 2006
     Hi Rick.
     Just got back from a 2100 mile trip and the new saddle felt great. The changes you made to the front of the saddle really worked good. Just thought I would let you know I was happy with your work.

Sonny F - Daytona Beach, FL - March 22, 2006
     Hi Rick,
     First let me thank you for the BEST seat I have ever had in my 45 years of riding. I now have over 30,000 miles, most two up, on my ST1300 dual leather seat. It is great for BOTH of us!

Jon - Tucson, AZ - March 14, 2006
     I wanted to let you know that the seat you made for my V-Strom is absolutely perfect! Thank you for a great seat and and thanks also for getting it to me so quickly. When I get my next bike I'll be calling you again.

Daniel W. B. - Freindswood, TX - February 22, 2006
     Hi Rick,
     Just wanted to let you know that I went to the "Ride The Rio" HSTA event last week… totaling 2000 miles over 5 days, including a 600+ mile ride on day 5, and couldn't be happier with the way my seat performed. The biggest complement I can think to give is that during the entire time, I didn't have to reposition, squirm, or shift my riding position to get more comfortable. I never experienced any Monkey Butt, and was amazed at the comfort of the seat.
     Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful product!

Mark I - Phoenix, AZ - February 6, 2006

James C. - Conroe, TX - February 2, 2006
     Hi Rick,
     The saddle came today. The fit is great; just like the last one.
     When I traded my 1100 RT for the K 1200 GT the only thing I missed was your saddle. Now I'm back in business.

Dan G. - Roswell, GA - January 10, 2006
     Hi Rick,
     Happy New Year! We have had some nice weather here in Georgia so I have been riding the VStrom every chance I get.
     On Sunday, I did my longest ride yet with my new seat - 240 miles of back roads, farm roads, mountain twisties and dirt roads. Almost no stopping, mostly just saddle time as I was having such a great time. Probably was in the saddle for 6 hours.
     The seat felt great, I was comfortable the entire time and had zero discomfort, even after the ride was over. What an improvement over the stock seat - I could never have done 6 hours of saddle time with the Suzuki seat. You are a master craftsman indeed!
     I have been telling all my riding friends that they need to order a seat from you.
Take care!

Mark C.
Hi Rick,
     I've had my leather saddle nearly eighteen months now. I've covered nearly 30,000 miles on it. The best thing I can say is that I don't even notice it's there. To my mind that is the way everything about a bike should be. If you notice it, then it's distracting you, something's wrong. I've covered over 1,500 miles in a day and often need to cover 200-250 miles before going to work. The saddle has stayed looking as good as when it was new despite our sometimes less than friendly weather.
     If I ever get over there I'll come and buy you a pint.

Dan G.
Hi Rick,
     I braved the cold weather and was able to do a 2.5 hour nonstop ride on some back roads and twisties on Sunday, not a lot of total miles (99) but as much as I could handle with the cold weather.
     Your seat was very comfortable, and a huge improvement over stock. During the entire ride, I never had to move my butt around due to discomfort as I had to constantly do with the stock seat. No pain at all when I got home. I am looking forward to the Spring when I can go on my normal, 200 to 300 mile day rides so I can really test out the new seat.
     But, so far, so good!
Happy Holidays,

Keith O. - Saint Paul, MN
To Rick Mayer Cycle-
     I cannot say enough good things about the wonderful saddle you made for me on my BMW F650CS. The bike has been totally transformed from city only/canyon carver to all around sport touring bike with this one modification (and of course the cruise control). With the stock saddle I was ready to call it quits at 300 miles a day at mid-season, and this year my first ride was 350, with no soreness at all. I also did a 5 day trip around Lake Superior and it was just great! And looks beautiful!

Gary B - Mathews, NC
     After receiving my seat from you, (for my K12R) I went on a 3000 mile ride. My riding partner noticed it first and that night after 800 miles he said that he had never seen me ride that long without hanging my legs down and moving around. He was right! I don't know how you got soooo much comfort in such a small, low profile seat. It is as comfy as my easy chair. I hope the pictures are what you needed, if you would like more, or different angles, please let me know.
     Once again, THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim A. - Geneva, NY
     As for the seat---PURE GENIUS!!! I only have about 500 miles on it so far and have had absolutely no issues with the forward slide or the pressure points whatsoever. No doubt leather is the way to go. This is by far the most comfortable seat I have ever had. I have no idea how you are able to design the seat with only a photograph but you sure pulled it off. It was WELL worth the wait.

Brian N. - Portland Or
     Hi Rick,
     Just a quick note to say that the new saddle is awesome. Dana I rode HWY 36 (where we met Tim Mayhew of pashnit.com fame) and ended up in Fortuna where we spent the night. My butt had no complaints and I had plenty of opportunities to test its "hang-off" ability.
     Today we put on about 350 miles and the first time I thought about my butt was a mile 273.
     I have not had this comfortable a saddle since my 1985 Venture Royale.
     Thank you very much!

Randy P. - Spencer, WI
     Writing to thank you for an incredible saddle rebuild. I can now ride out a tank of gas without a butt stop. You, Sir, are a craftsman. Have over 1500 miles on the saddle and would change nothing - it is perfect:

Suzuki SV1000S
Thank you!

Steven W. - Georgia, USA
     Thank you so much to you and your staff for filling a vital role that somehow BMW cannot fill. You are much appreciated! My brother, Big Al, has a K1200LT and may be contacting you soon!
     We kept a travel blog of the journey and you are most welcome to view and read our experiences. The web address is www.flyingarmy.com/novascotia.html
     Have a great day and ride well!

Jeff D. - MSF Chief Instructor, Madison, Wis., and Tucson, Ariz.
     Great saddle! Thanks.

Larry H.. - New York, NY
      I received the saddles today, and they look great. I cannot wait to try them out on the LT. Thanks for your great service, the product looks terrific. It's been a pleasure doing business and I look forward to many happy miles in the new saddle.

Mike C. - Augusta GA
      You did it! Seven hours in the saddle yesterday and no burn!!
      Thanks for the new motorcycle.

Doug R.
      You fixed the seat on my BMW K1200LT last December. It seemed fine when I rode the bike for short distances this spring.
      On Thursday last, I rode from Upstate, NY to Myrtle Beach, SC for Bikeweek. I spent up to 9 hours a day in the saddle. The seat is great! I had absolutely no pain nor discomfort. It's clearly now the absolute best seat I've ever had. I tried a Corbin before sending my original seat to you.
      Great job!

Steve McM - Sunnyvale CA
      I have some miles on my new seat and I must say it is absolutely amazing. My friends make fun of me because even when we stop for rest breaks on long rides, I stay on my seat while they are stretching their legs. I was also amazed at how easy it is to "hang off" the seat. I find it is much easier to find a consistent anchor (with my butt) on your seat, verses the stock BMW seat.
      I also should mention the additional confidence your seat inspires. On a recent ride I found myself consistently sliding the rear end (of my RT) exiting first-gear corners. I could not believe my eyes. I totally expect this sort of behavior from my race bike (GSXR) but not from a touring bike like my RT. I find that the additional anchor, comfort and confidence your seat provides allows me to screw on the gas sooner and harder than I was ever comfortable doing with the factory seat. With a factory seat, I find that I slide around way too much and I never feel totally "locked" on to the bike.
      Again, thank you so much for making my bike completely new to me. Let me know when you are planning to ride through or around the Bay Area.

Jonathan R - Eagle, WI
      I've put the first 400 miles on it and I can feel it settle in. What a difference from the stock seat! Beautiful material and craftsmanship. Thank you for such a good job. I didn't think people noticed seats, but I've received several compliments. Maybe you'll get some new business.

Barry D - Vancouver, BC
      This new saddle is marvelous! Oddly, the first thing that struck me wasn't so much the comfort (and it *is* comfortable!) but the fact that my butt was warm! This must be because of the lack of pressure points, which in turn ensures blood flow. Whatever the reason, I'll take it.
      The technical sophistication of your new saddles (with the different types of foams, including the high-tech conformal foam inserts) is miles ahead of your previous ones. The first one you built for me enabled me to ride many 1500+ mile days. This new saddle is as much an improvement over my previous Mayer saddle as that one was over stock. You deserve a world of success for hand-building such a fine piece!

Grayson C -Torrington, CT
      Hi Rick,
      I finally got some time to put some real miles on my new seat. Left for Daytona on Thurs. afternoon arrive Daytona on Fri and take in the festivities at the IBA dinner. Left the dinner at 10:00pm and rode to Ft Myers down on the left coast. Spent Saturday, and Saturday night with my wife down there. Left Fort Myers after a late breakfast on Sunday and was home in CT Monday afternoon. About 3000 miles, three days, and the seat is a winner. Thanks for a great product, it makes the ST1300 the motorcycle it should be.
      See you in ME this summer (IB Rally) and good luck again.

Darrin D - Point Reyes, Ca
      Just wanted to let you know that the seat you built me is working out great. I spent 7 hours in the saddle Sunday with no problems at all. It was a beautiful ride back I took your recommendation and rode 36, then cut back to 299 and stayed in Weaverville Saturday night before riding back 299 to Arcata and then heading down 101 to Leggett and cutting over to HWY 1 for the ride all the way back to Point Reyes. What a great weekend. Thanks for the beautiful job on the seat.

Beth R - Bandon, OR.
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you....but have been out enjoying this beautiful winter weather.
      Seat feels great and my once out of alignment body is adjusting to the new comfortable position with much better bike handling. I have just sent your address to a friend whose husband is having back problems and no longer riding.
      Also want to thank you for your hospitality while Guy and I were at your place....we not only enjoyed the plant tour of your lovely home, but the whole-wheat scones were the very best ever.
      Promise to send a photo of me and my new seat within your lifetime.
      Wishing you well in the Iron Butt competition!

Tom G. - Woodland Park, CO
Hi Rick,
      Received my seat back from you Friday and was able to ride it about an hour Saturday and three hours today (non-stop, mind you). In a word - excellent.
      The advantages of the basic seat shape in distributing your weight over a larger area are clear, but the details of your execution make it much more than just that. The placement of the rise and angle of the seating area are just right, providing great back support.
      Thanks for providing me a great place to sit for hours on end.

Robert V. - Arma, KS
      WOW the XV saddle is terrific!! You did exactly what I wanted on the back seat area and the front seat area seems so comfortable (although it has only passed the winter "1 minute test") I am now worried I may fall asleep on it when riding.

Ted B - Tucson AZ
      Thanks for the GREAT seats for my FJR 1300, They're fantastic, I look forward to many years riding on them.
      -Thank You!

Oscar W. Palm Beach FL - K12LT
      Just a quick note to let you know that the seat is working out really well. I have 600 miles on it now and it is 100 X better than the stock seat. I am very pleased with your work.

Peter C.- Mill Valley, CA
Hey Guys,
      My new seat was fabulous. We rode fill-up to fill-up without a hitch. So comfortable- no neck and shoulder strain. Its Great!----
      Many-many thanks,

Cindi & Kevin H.- Portland. OR
      I have got more then 1500 miles on the seat now and it is getting better with each ride! Cindi now has two seats that will most likely need to be done. We will call soon to make appt. in April or May.
      Hope your Holidays were good! Take Care,
      Thanks! Rick

Neal N.- Princeton, TX
      Great job on the seat! We put 1300 miles on it during its maiden voyage and we couldn't be happier. It's made a huge difference.

Carl R.
Howdy Rick
      My seat arrived yesterday in fine condition. Tried it out and it is GREAT!!!! It is way more comfortable than stock and results in a much better posture. My back isn't in nearly as much stress (pain) as before. Thanks so much for making my scooter so much more enjoyable.
      Thanks again, Rick.

Chris B.- Fort Lauderdale Florida
      Well you've done it now, after talking the "better half" into buying a custom seat now I can't get her off the back..... I purchased the seat back in June but as you can see from my address allot of my riding does not take place during the summer months, but in the beginning of Oct the wife and I took off for a 3500 mile trip up the East coast. All during the ride she kept commenting how good her bottom side felt (the year before was the exact opposite). So now all I hear is "lets go for a ride somewhere...." I have to say though that this was the best upgrade I have done, it makes my BMW a very comfortable mile eater. Thanks for a great seat.
      Now how can I get away for a long trip alone?

Jim G.- Lancaster, Ontario, Canada
Hi Rick,
      So, I got a good part of a season in on your seat and here is a report:
- Gone is the sore butt.
- Gone is the sore lower back.
- Gone is the sore neck that I thought was from the back draft of the windshield.
- Gone is the neck soreness from some disc damage that I did in a racing accident many years ago.
- Gone is the numbness in my left arm.
      I can now start thinking about some more serious things, like:
- Hmmmmm... Do I have enough money for another tank of gas?
- Do I want to cross Nebraska today?
- Do I want to do one or, two oil changes today?
- Do I want to do another time zone?
      You should sponsor every rider for the Iron Butt Rally. They would soon be calling it The MayerButt rally. You could do worse.
      Actually, my butt is still sore but now, it is from kicking it because I did not buy one of your seats as soon as I bought the RT.
      Cheers, -Jim

Ron D. - Swamp Scooters
      Just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful saddle you made for me. I just completed a Bun Burner Gold 3000 on it with absolutely no, I repeat, no Gluteal muscle ache what so ever! I rode from Lafayette, La. to Flagstaff, AZ. (32 degrees). Had a 5 hour lay over and returned home. The total distance was 3043 miles which I covered in 42 hours and 30 minutes.
      I attribute the success of this ride, in a major way, to my new Rick Mayer Saddle!
      I will be looking for you to be the winner of the 2005 Iron Butt Rally.
- Good luck. Hope to see you in the future,

Ed H, Holly Hill, Florida
      The seat finally arrived. It seems that Cocoa Beach was the Fed-Ex destination and it was also ground zero for hurricane Francis. The box was beat up but the seat is a work of art, a very comfortable work of art. If you make it to Daytona beach for the October "Biketoberfest" fun, you will see my bike sporting your work at many places around the venue. Thanks very much, and you will be highly recommended.

Dennis S, St Augustine Beach, FL
      We are very satisfied--I have seen examples of Russell's and Bill M's and your workmanship really is superior. The saddles are beautiful and look like they were made for the RT. This seat is the icing on the RT cake.

Frank S, Vancouver Wa -
           Just wanted to drop you a note to give you a heartfelt "Thank You"! I have a few thousand miles on my new saddle and it seems more comfortable with each ride. I recently returned home from a ride up to Glacier National Park. I rode at least 500 miles each day with one particular day logging 13 hours on the bike. Before (your saddle) I was squirming after 200 miles and in agony at 300 miles.       This saddle simply brings a whole new level of enjoyment to my riding. Rick, you are a true Craftsman and I appreciate your quality of workmanship. You build a fine product that is both completely functional and adds a beauty to my bike (ST1300). Many Thanks! No-Butt Frank

Rick S, Toronto Canada -
      Rick, the saddle is just FANTASTIC! Everywhere I go, BMW riders want to know where I got it. Thanks, Rick

David and Paula M, Lafayette, La -
      Rick; this is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden on I have received many compliments on it! Thanks, David

John T, Warrenton Virginia -
      Rick, I finally achieved my objectives (with your saddle). It is very comfortable and more importantly, I CAN FLATFOOT ON THE GROUND--. Your material and workmanship are first rate! Thanks again, John. BMW RT

JDG Alburquerque, NM -
      Rick, just thought I should tell you it (the saddle) is GREAT! My butt has never been so comfortable. Thanks!

Richard P., Redding (yep, right here in town) Ca -
     Rick, just a quick not to let you know how pleased I am with the saddle you made for me! It fit right from the start and has trasformed the bike into one I can now ride withour a break between fuel stops...nearly 300 miles! I have had many compliments and will recommend you for your fine craftsmanship and customer service to all that will listen. Thanks again, Richard --Yamaha FJ 1300

Larry D., Fairbanks , Ak -
      I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my visit with you and getting to meet your family while you custom fitted my new saddle, it was a special treat.---As for the saddle, it is SUPERB!!! Absolute comfort. I literally rode for 12 hours without getting out of the saddle and without the usual (past experience) fatigue, cramped legs and butt. Thanks again, your custom built saddle makes the stock seat feel like a board.

Eric B., Temple City, CA Hi Rick... -
      I'm EXTREMELY satisfied! Just took it for a quick ride and man, it is nice!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! Thanks again Rick, I just love the saddle, the styling, everything about it! You did a bang up job on the passenger ride too.

Jay, Pensacola FL. Rick, -
     just got back from a short test ride (4,500 mi) FL, TX, OK, KY, DC, JH, TN, AL. After the first 190 miles my fuel light came on so I stopped ... I asked myself "What do I find different about this saddle vs. the stock seat?" The thing that came to mind was the fact that I had to search for a reason to ask that question ... in the first place, because I hadn't even noticed that I had ridden 200 miles. I never had to readjust my "butt" to get more comfortable. That was the way it was the rest of the trip. I just sat there, rode, stopped for gas, then rode some more. Several 700 mile days - no sweat. I was solo, so I'll give you a report when I take my passenger along. Love the saddle. Also got many great comments on the silver/black color scheme on the black K12 at the Shilo BMW Rally in TN this last Saturday.

Rick S. Toronto, Ont. Canada Rick, -
     I just completed a 4000 mile trip on the saddle you built for me and it definitely lived up to the "HYPE," it's fantastic. Thanks!

Don and Catherine C, Scotia, NY -
     Good afternoon Rick, Don received the seat at 11:30 today, Saturday. It arrived in perfect condition. Don took the seat out for a test run of 90 miles today. He was and still is EXTREMELY pleased with it. Your attention to the details regarding size and position were perfect. The quality of the workmanship is excellent. Our expectations have been greatly surpassed after receiving and test riding the seat. We send our sincere appreciation for altering the seat construction date, express mailing the seat, and for creating a seat to accomodate our request. Many, many thanks for helping to make riding even more pleasurable.

Louis "Bubba" C, Padukah, Ky -
     Just got my new seat from Rick Mayer for my GS--what a difference! It's one of the few times that a product was as advertised and delivered on time, What a GREAT Seat and a great, great company to spend money with. He's a super person.

Ross F, San Mateo Ca. -
     Rick, the seat works great, Thanks again.

Bill W- Burwell, Nebraska; -
      Hi Rick, got the seat and installed it on the beemer and what a difference it made. I rode 400 miles today and it sure was nice. I really like the stitching on the outside, it sets it off nicely. Nice job on the seat!

Ian J-Istanbul, Turkey; -
     Many thanks Rick, the saddle is wonderful compared to my Ducati 748 and Super Blackbird, the BMW saddle is just sooo comfy and the leather is just so much better in the heat and humidity here. Just been across Azerbaijhan, and Georgia but I guess my travels will have to stop while the US finishes it's business in Afghanistan. Next stop is Turkmenistan, Kazakstan, and Iran !! Take care and regards, Ian

Steve H.-Apple Valley Ca; -
     So far, great. No sore tail bone at all and the knees don't get sore. I like sitting up a little higher with the new seat. I don't think it was my imagination but the bike seemed to handle much better with my new seating position. I was able to lean farther into the turns than I have before on this bike. This is an unexpected bonus! Thanks Rick, enjoyed your hospitality and watching you make the seat. Steve

Roger H-Seattle, Wa; -
     ...Being pain free is a wonderful feeling. I've owned 5 motorcycles and ridden on at least a dozen more and this is already the most comfortable sadle I've ever ridden. Thanks for your excellent work and for being the fine fellow that you are.

Mitch L- Hollywood FL; -
     i Rick, just a note to let you know that I just completed my Spartan Sprint 1000 for my first Iron Butt certification. I did it in 17 hours and NO complaints in the (butt) department. Everything I have heard about and read about your saddle is true--it works, plain and simple. I can't say enough about the quality and service you provide.. Again thanks for a great product, me and my (butt) thanks you!

Micheal M - Stockton, Ca; -
      The seat needed a bit of a break-in to get comfortable, But we're THERE! Now with about 1500 miles on the new seat the difference is QUITE DRAMATIC! Thank you again for your efforts, very much appreciated.

Donn and Shirley C-Jackson, CA; -
     ...Rick, people stop me in the grocery store, K-marttm, Costcotm, just everywhere and ask me about my seat (the one on the bike!). Shirley and I are as happy as a new born pig in a slop trough! Thanks again, Don.

Rob D- Chicago, IL; -
     After thoroughly testing the new seat I have come to the conclusion that it is probably the finest choice I could have made! Thank you for the great seat!

Alan and Nina S-The Dalles, OR; -
     Rick, We had some extra time on Saturday Morning so went thru Lassen Volcanic Park on the way home. Saturday and Sunday we put 700 miles on the new seat with not so much as a hint of TB (tailbone). We found we could get 80-90 miles between stops compared to the 30-50 miles with the stock seat! You did a GREAT job! We thank you and our butts thank you!

Rob L- Arma, Kansas; -
      I had a Comfort seat on my '97 (BMW) for about 16000 miles. It was an improvement over stock but I kept looking for something else. About 2 months ago I got the new saddle from Rick Mayer. I can now go at least 900 miles before I get sore. With the Comfort, I could get 300 max before I was squirming. For the price, $175, it was a good buy. For $270, the saddle from Rick Mayer is a GREAT buy.

Mark G; -
      Hi Rick, Just a note to let you know that I got the Saddle Thursday. It mounted up and fit PERFECTLY. Looks very nice and feels even better! Thanks again, Mark.

Dean W.- Springfield OR; -
      Got home to Springfield about 8:15 Saturday evening. Lots of my parts were tired but my butt was still good to go! Love the new saddle. The Mayer seat has jumped ahead of the Clearview windshield as the best investment in upgraded equipment for my bike.

Wurty- -
     Just got my seat back for my RT from Rick Mayer Cycle. I can not believe what a GREAT job repairing my RT seat.----I highly recommend that anyone looking for an upgrade to the RT (BMW) seat contact Rick Mayer. He built up the neck of the saddle so I don't slide forward... put a brand new seat cover over the entire seat... installed super duty green foam to support what's riding on it. That man is a genius when it comes to saddles!

Gerald D.- Sherman Oaks, CA. -
     Hello Rick. Thanks for the great job with the seat. I rode the bike yesterday and it is much more comfortable than before. I guess I'll have to have you do the R1100R next.

Shiela H.-Phoenix, AZ. -
      Ladies and Gents, let me tell you about this seat. I LOVE this seat!!!. WOW!!! I spent about 420 miles riding behind Mike on the newly installed (Rick) Mayer seat (we have the vinyl basketweave version) and was thoroughly impressed.---no butt burn!!! No hot spots, no numb spots, it was great. To get off the bike and feel as good as when you got on... Fantastic!!

Mike K.-Phoenix, AZ. -
     Finally got the bike back together and got to try the seat you built for us.. In two words; IT'S WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you, Mike.

Tom F.-Manassas, VA -
     Rick, Just wanted to say I'm enjoying my seat very much. I've put over 1500 miles on it since you shipped it to me in early May. It is comfortable and I enjoy it. Thanks, Tom.

Pat S.-Hattiesburg, MS. -
     Hi Rick, completed 1000 miles this weekend and the seat made my (BMW) RS complete. Excellent comfort AND your customer service has been excellent. Your dad would be proud. I am very pleased. Posted my experience tonight with the Internet BMW riders. Cheers, Patrick.

Dennis K- Seattle, WA. -
     I travelled approximately 800 miles in two days and never felt anything but comfort. Thanks, Dennis

Barry D- Vancouver, BC. -
     Rick, the ride home was a revelation. I have never had a "saddle" before so there were a number of adjustments. First is the difference between sitting "on" and "in" a motorcycle. Better support, increased feeling of being part of the machine, less room to move front to back but also much less need to squirm around to stay comfortable. The comfort was incredible. On the stock seat I was squirming after an hour, numb after 100 miles. On the new seat, "right out of the box" I did 3.5 hours no problem. By the time I got home (800 miles) it had broken in and was even more comfortable. Fabulous seat, worth every penny and MILES ahead of the Corbin I had on my R100RS. Thanks, Barry.

Henry W.-West Bethesda, MD. -
     All I can say is W O W. I rode it and the rest of the bike to Baltimore today. Usually I'm squirming after 20-30 minutes. Not today!! It appears that for the first time I can look forward to rides over 30 minutes without trepidation. Many thanks, Henry.

Donn C. - Jackson, CA. -
     Rick, please send me some business cards, people stop me in the grocery store and at K-Mart and Costco and every where, just every where and ask about my seat... (The one on the bike). By the way, Shirley and I are as happy as a new born pig in a slop trough with our seat. Thanks again Rick, we appreciate all you did for us.

Alan and Nina S.-Whitby Island, Wa; -
     Rick - - Sat and Sun we put about 700 miles on the new seat with not so much as a hint of TB. You did a great job! We thank you and our butts thank you!

Micheal and Caroline M. Baltimore Md; -
     You know, I think that if I were to look up the term Customer Service, I would find a picture of you next to it. You have demonstrated nothing but exemplary customer focus. I spent nine years in the customer service business so I know of what I speak. Thank you, Micheal and Caroline.

Greg D.-San Fransisco, Ca -
     Thanks for dropping off the seat. I picked it up Friday afternoon and rode home to San Jose on it. It feels great and I look forward to many comfortable miles. My wife, who was satisfied with the stock seat, loves it. The only problem is that she falls asleep even easier now! Thanks again, Greg.

Greg H. -
     ...Just finished a SaddleSore 1000 on Friday/Saturday... and was very pleased with the results... All pain in my previously afflicted areas is not gone. My guess is that only so much can be done when one weighs 290 pounds and sits in one place for 10 hours or so at a time. The improvement in comfort is extreme, however, and I have no complaints... Finally, I wanted to thank you again for filling me up when the gas pump refused to read my card, and then for leading me onto an excellent ride... I'm looking forward to many comfortable miles. Greg.

Scott R. - Brownstown, PA: -
      I have put about 3,500 miles on the saddle. You did a great job. I rode it about 200 miles before leaving on a 3,251 mile trip from PA to Atlanta GA to Tampa FL to Key West FL to Daytona, to PA. The seat was an instant improvement, and after it got brokn it it is now not a problem to ride for ten hours.

B K, Earth City MO: -
     Holy crap Batman what a GREAT GREAT GREAT seat. It just don't get any better than this... THANKS for such a great product, 1000 mi. IronButt rides and rallies are my ride of choice. THANKS again for GREAT service and WONDERFUL products. After my first 1000 mi. day I got off the bike and let my a** smile.

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